A Professional Introduction about Professional Moving Head Lights

The professional moving head lights is a new scientific and technological product integrating electronic devices, mechanical equipment and electronic optics. The standard professional moving head lights must be stable and reliable, with high-quality special effects, accurate positioning and excellent heat dissipation. At the same time, its lamp body and the structure of raw materials conform to the requirements of humanized design. The professional moving head lights can be divided into 250W, 575W, 1200W and other types from the application output power size.  Among them, 1200W is the key lamp type of the performance venue for technical majors. In a word, the professional moving head lights is made up of electronic optics, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and system control software. The three major systems software are interrelated and are an organic chemical composition.

On one hand, the most critical consideration in the optical system design scheme of professional moving head lights is the lumen utilization rate of the light source. Main performance index values include light compressive strength, precision, contrast and spot size. There are two factors affecting the hazard index value, one is the light source, the other is the electronic optical system structure and the selection of raw materials. In the electro-optical structure, a parabolic rearview mirror can be used to obtain uniform mixed light. If you want to collect scattered or narrow light, you should choose rearview mirrors with scale production or surface lines. When several rays must be obtained from one light source, a mapping system software consisting of prisms or lenses can be used. At present, in the optical design of 1200W professional moving head lights in various countries all over the world, the lens composition method is adopted, which is composed of aspheric calcite lens, etc. The most critical feature of parabolic mirror is that a point light source is placed on the focus to obtain a parallel light beam. When designing the laser light path, it is also necessary to fully consider the related party transactions among the light intensity distribution curve, appearance and light source specifications, reflector lens specifications and light source appearance.

On the other hand, the scope of mechanical structure is very wide, including raw materials, structure, physical properties, shell regulations and heat dissipation regulations. The key factors to be taken into account in the selection of raw materials for lighting lamps include: the role of lamps, the level and rationality of difficulty coefficient in production and manufacture. At present, the key raw materials for professional moving head lights are stainless steel plates, plastic and aluminum alloy profiles. On the premise of considering the overall function of the professional moving head lights, the structural solid model of the lamp in the design scheme is divided into different positions and uses different raw materials. The structure of the professional moving head lights determines its physical properties, heat dissipation, compressive strength, noise, net weight and other factors.  The 1200W professional moving head lights is constructed with arm supporting points. The horizontal rotation of the lamp body is 540 degrees, and the vertical rotation is 255 degrees. A part of the base must be lifted. The upside-down regulation of the suspension of the shaking head lamp is considered. The physical performance of the lamp body is mainly reflected in the impact toughness of the lamp body components. The lamp cover must have strict moisture-proof, anti-fouling, anti-static and waterproof regulations. According to the anti-fouling and moisture-proof level, the waterproof level of the cabinet with different divisions is specified. For the mechanical system of 1200W professional moving head lights, the heat dissipation regulation is especially important. If there is a defect in the software of the heat dissipation system, the main parameters of household appliances will generally drift.



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