An Introduction about Moving Led Wash

In recent years, the level of home-made computer lamps has been continuously improved, and correspondingly its optical parameters, performance and manufacturing process have been greatly improved. The light and sound of moving led wash are the most concentrated jobs in the circuit. Moving led wash is a new type of LED product and has a wide range of uses. The lens projection angle of moving led wash can be adjusted according to customer's needs. The smaller the angle, the farther the projection distance, the more the light effect will be and the infinite color mixing effect can be produced, which are incomparable to traditional lamps. What’s more, moving led wash is very energy-saving and its quality is very stable.
The luminous efficiency of the moving led wash is greatly improved, especially blue light, and the blue light brightness of the moving led wash is equivalent to the brightness of an incandescent lamp with a power more than ten times of that of the incandescent lamp and blue color paper.  The color light of moving led wash sometimes appears too pure and bright in actual use. In order to reduce the color saturation of moving led wash, some LED lamps are also equipped with white-emitting LED beads. Moving led wash can provide RGB color mixing and comprehensive color mixing effect, with pure and rich colors, and is widely used in large variety shows and entertainment places for color rendering effect. At present, moving led wash has become the mainstream lamps for performing arts. At the same time, moving led wash can be used not only for indoor stage but also for outdoor mobile performance. This is mainly due to its excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, with IP reaching 64, so it can be used in water parks and underwater world, and can be installed in any position on the stage. Moving led wash can be used for hotel doors to produce infinite color mixing effect and improve the grade of the hotel. Moving led wash can be used in theme parks, antique buildings, holiday villages, skyscraper scenery. Moving led wash can also be used for exhibition activities of various products, and can change colors according to different needs of products, so that visitors can have good visual effects, which can also improve the environmental grade of the site.
The moving led wash adopts advanced exterior design, which makes it unique, firm and compact, as well as easy to operate, safe and reliable. The small light attenuation of moving led wash is also one of its major characteristics. Instead of blindly sacrificing life to pursue high brightness, moving led wash will control the light attenuation to 20% under the condition of ensuring good heat dissipation. The moving led wash can achieve built-in convection heat transfer, thus accelerating heat dissipation. The moving led wash has independent control systems, so you can debug lamps and brightness programs separately. The characteristics of moving led wash are compactness, high brightness, high color temperature and good color rendering. In the process of dimming the lamp source, the moving led wash can maintain a relatively stable color temperature. The moving led wash adopts the working principle of strong electricity entering and weak electricity exiting, so it has more related equipment and more related wires. Therefore, fire prevention is a top priority in lighting work. In the monthly routine inspection, all fire prevention facilities and fire extinguishing equipment shall be comprehensively inspected in cooperation with the security department. The monitoring scope of moving led wash includes the normal degree of fire-fighting equipment, whether the fire-fighting equipment is normal, whether it is within the warranty period, etc.




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