ArtNet RDM 8 Ways DMX Distribution

ArtNet RDM 8 Ways DMX Distribution

  • Function:
    Support RDM
    Support ART-NET into 8-way DMX512 4096 DMX CHANNELS
    Perform as dmx512 amplifier,one DMX512 input,8 ways output
    DMX512 into ART-NET output
  • Tech data:
    Inner chip: ARM9 core,Dominant frequency up to 480MHZ controlling chip
    Store chip: built-in 32M, 512M Flash
    Power driver:built-in high power driver module,ensure the system work well
    DMX512 input module:Each port of DMX with individual working module,equipped inside with isolated chip,anti-4000V volts
    Screen:up-date OLED double displaying screen,IP amendable through Knob,output of each DMX512 could be addressed based on needs,convenient operation,more handy to work with console net.
    Net: 100M dual gateway design,with exchanging interface,convenient link
    Conforms to international standard protocol of DMX512/1990,RDM/2010/ART-NET
    RDM function:
    Support RDM specifications


  • This multi-functional equipment work automatically,no pre-set,it will work any lights with RDM,(MA console,Tiger Touch)swiftly search outter equipments with RDM.(set the RDM-functional fixture data throught console)

  • Mode:
    Mode 1:one way DMX512 input,split 8 ways outputSupport ART-NET into DMX512,8 ways output 4096 channels

  • Mode 2: support (extra linking console)input dmx512 into ART-NET output to control fixtures or 3D motivation fixture shows(program for fixtures)

  • DMX output setting:
    On the Port menu,showing Net and additional 8 output ways portA-PortH can be addressed
    Net options,refer to ART-NET function of MA console,follows the instructions of ART-NET on MA console,generally select 1,no amendment,work with MA2 console ART-NET3 protocol,support 128 x 256 network field output.

  • Port A~Port H output setting,From A to H,refer to 1 to 8 accordingly,for instance,Port A set as 001,expresses present DMXA port as way1 output,if set as 002,DMXA output as way2,when more boxes worked together,set the data as want,it work fast to get network output dmx field through console,handy to operate.

  • IP setting:
    In IP menu,setting IP address of ART-NET,refer to ADD1 ADD2 ADD3 ADD4 4 digital setting,and get related IP address with 4 digits (X,X,X,X)

  • With gateway (LAMA,LAMB)input,original IP address is,to connect with(MA,tiger touch console etc.),if need to set IP,must set at the same network segment.(MA can be set with start of 2.X.X.X)

  • Typical tech datas:
    Origin guang zhou     volts:220V, Alter volts    dimming 8 ways
    Console DMX512   Certificate ISO9001   After-sale service national guaranteed
    Output DMX512     Model DMX-A8    customized yes         material of light holder:aluminum

  • Details
    ART-NET/RDM/DMX512 3 IN 1 multi-functional amplifier

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