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Ann Arbor's Broadway Bridge will welcome 125 new decorative LED street lights after the Ann Arbor City Council of Michigan passed the $72,500 lamp purchase case 10 to 0. Nate Geisler of the Urban Energy Association estimates that the new LED street lights will save 50% of energy and lighting maintenance costs.

Geisler said as the project progressed that future projects would continue and that 2,000 LED street lights would eventually be replaced.

In 2007, the city launched an LED lighting upgrade project to reduce the energy and maintenance costs of lamps and lanterns. With state and federal funds, lighting projects are extended to peripheral DDA areas.

Geisler said a small portion of the US Department of Energy's $124 million Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Allowance went to cover the cost of the previous project, while most of the remaining money was spent on the LED lighting upgrade project. Broadway is the only area in the city where old lights are used. At present, DTE Energy has another 5,000 LED street lights all over the city. But city officials have said in the past that DTE products are not energy efficient enough, so the new scheme should have better benefits.



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