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In this economically developed era, various cultural and entertainment activities have become an indispensable part of our lives. I believe that everyone has the experience of watching or participating in small and medium-sized evening parties. If not, it must be Watched TV. LED moving head spot light are an indispensable prop in many large-scale literary shows and TV shows. LED moving head spot light made by many led moving head spot producers can diffract beams with different focal lengths to match different time and Need for location use.


Led moving head spot producer will also consider the application in different scenarios when producing LED moving head spot light. LED moving head spot light used on the stage refer to the use of flat and convex LED moving head spot light in the front. This kind of lamps can adjust the size of the light spot. The light emitted is relatively small. There are a variety of powers from 0.5 to 5KW, and the teaching has long, medium and short points.


Moving head light is an independent unit that fantastically rotates, moves and swings in almost any direction, sprinkled with colorful lights on all ceiling, wall, floor, stage and audience indicator lights. Moving head lights are common in many bars, places to eat, discos and night clubs. As a light source, these lamps can use arc lamps or modern LED (light emitting diode) technology. There are advantages to using the latest LED lighting, but there are also some disadvantages.


When it comes to the advantages of LED lights, its low power consumption is the starting point that should be started. It is so small due to the fact that LED devices are less energy than ordinary light bulbs, which indicates that a considerable number of fixtures may be installed and use normal power supply. It's a fantastic disco and DJ party. Therefore, in addition to very practical work, LED moving head spot lights can also save some energy.

Another advantage of LED moving head spot light is low heat radiation. Compared with normal stage lighting, moving head lights and LED technology have not been overheated, which means that it may run without any interference, lighting exhibition, due to equipment failure. On top of this, LED lights are longer-lived-about 50,000 LEDs have regular living hours, which helps make maintenance easier and cheaper for the unit. Also from their color effects. Three basic colors-red, green, and blue (RGB)-are mixed together, guaranteeing millions of mixtures and color choices. Manage color matching quickly with the help of software installed on a standard PC using a DMX. DMX mobile is also small, compact and portable. Due to its small size and light weight material, it is very simple to set up, the goal of the led moving head spot producer in production is to make the product more widely used and applicable.


But everything has two sides, and LED moving headlights also have some disadvantages. They mainly come from the limitation of various LED specifications. LED beams can't get a sharp spotlight because, in fact, there are quite a few light sources. This is an additional challenge to get a "normal" white light. In fact, some colors are almost impossible to produce, and even the infinite possibilities of color mixing are used. Another issue is the fact that their depths fall very fast, over a wide range-one possible reason is the lack of a lens. As a result, the place of light and it cannot be hugely concentrated into a single beam. In addition, it takes a little more time to build a DMX shaker-create a DMX address, light style programming, etc. Even with its limitations, innovative advances in stage lighting and nightclub lighting technology are vital to a DMX software operation. They are very flexible due to the large variety of DMX channels being used, which makes them an integral part of any current light show.



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