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With the continuous improvement of LED lighting's mainstream position in the global lighting market, the LED lighting market share will increase significantly, and LED will also fully enter the lighting field. Why? Because the energy-saving effect of LED allows the lighting to be used for a long time, the industry will have the idea of replacing LED lights. In addition, the improvement of LED lighting product performance and the further reduction of prices, coupled with the advantages of lighting product profits, the lighting market will become the focus of competition between LED packaging and lighting manufacturers.


China is an important global production base of LED lighting products, with output accounting for more than 80% of global LED lighting products. It is understood that China's current outdoor par can supplier in China are mainly located in the Pearl River Delta, Xiamen, and East China. In the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong, outdoor par can supplier in China are mainly operating their own brands; suppliers in Xiamen and East China are mostly international manufacturers. After years of rapid growth, the LED industry has entered a mature period and entered the era of low prices. The company's competitive advantage has also changed its scale and product costs from its product and technical capabilities. In order to seek new developments, Chinese suppliers are seeking new business. One of the most noticed areas is higher-level intelligent lighting. Because smart lighting can not only achieve higher profit margins, but also an excellent access point for smart homes and smart cities.


At present, there are countless outdoor par can supplier in China on the market. The prices quoted by various manufacturers of lighting products are very different, which dazzles buyers and does not know how to choose the right product.

outdoor LED par cans are common and commonly used in the market, and everyone is no stranger. He is an indispensable part of the stage lighting system. Everyone sees that the surface of the lamp is the same. The structure of LED lamps mainly includes the following parts, which are lamp beads, heat sinks, power supplies, fans, motherboards, housings, lenses, wires and so on. If you want to keep the price low, you have to start with the materials.

1. Lamp beads

the price of the LED beads of the outdoor LED par can varies in the market. Why do some outdoor LED par can lamp beads sell so cheaply, and some lamp beads differ by dozens of times, in fact, there is something wrong here.

First of all, its material is definitely the worst. For example, copper wire is used instead of gold wire for welding wire, and recycled materials or scrap materials are used for bracket production. These raw materials cannot be determined by consumers. Only after use, the problem is gradually exposed. Come out. The second is to increase the use of power. The normal power of the lamp beads may be only 1W, 0.75W. Adding the power to 3W is beyond the range of use. The initial brightness is high, but the attenuation is fast, and it is dark in a few months. Once again, the power of the virtual standard is 3W, and the actual standard is 1W or 0.75W, which is even lower. This consumer generally does not test it.

2. Radiator

the LED bead's lamp beads convert part of the electrical energy into thermal energy when they are working. Poor heat dissipation directly affects the service life of the lamp beads. Outdoor LED par can radiator, consumers can identify the naked eye by opening the lamp housing. Many par lights on the market are now equipped with very small and thin radiators, and even many businesses do not even install radiators for price competition. Everyone knows how to ensure good heat dissipation without a radiator in a high-power par light. How can you ensure stable operation when the lamp beads are fully lit for a long time?

3. Power

Many low-priced power supplies on the market are imaginary standards or the use of 180W PA lights with rated power (indicating 108W low-cost power supplies) is completely impossible. In fact, consumers can easily identify the quality of the power supply. The transformer and power tube on a good brand power supply are relatively large, and the whole looks full and textured; the component arrangement and production process are relatively good, and the whole looks clean and beautiful. Low-cost and unsecured power supply design cuts corners, can save provinces, can't save provinces and provinces, and electronic components are also useful for recycling materials, regardless of the actual use of safety and stability.

4. Motherboard

There are two types of driver motherboards on the market, one is a constant voltage driver board and the other is a constant current. Constant current motherboards have high stability and are more than twice as expensive as constant voltage. Most of the low-cost LED motherboards with constant-voltage garbage motherboards cannot be protected when the temperature of the lamp body rises, resulting in a greatly reduced service life of the LED lamps. There is also a cost-saving, integrated motherboard and display board.

5. Shell

Low-cost outdoor LED par can uses some impurity aluminum die-casting or thin aluminum sheet or even plastic shell, which has low cost and very poor heat dissipation conditions.

6. Summary

it is said that every penny is a penny. If you come across a manufacturer's lamps that are 40% cheaper than other normal manufacturers, don't be fooled by this time. Buying cheap things is what everyone expects, but things that are so much lower than the market price, you should more carefully confirm whether the parameters described by the supplier are true, and you need to measure it. Outrageous products at low prices, regardless of the seller's reason. Because the very low price is not enough, the quality is not guaranteed.




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