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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for stage lighting design of entertainment venues and bars are becoming higher and higher. There are more and more producer for 3 in 1 moving head of various types of lamps. Looking at the current design of many stage lighting projects, moving head lights or beam lights are basically used. So what are the characteristics of these two lamps, and what is the difference between them?


The main thing of a beam light is a bright light beam with a beam angle of 0 ° ~ 5 °. For moving head lights, the focus is on the light spot and pattern produced by the light beam at last. The application requirements and purposes of the two lamps are different, so the application scenarios will change significantly. Beam lights are generally based on light beams, with some simple patterns; 3 in 1 moving head lights are generally equipped with two pattern plates, in addition to the basic pattern, there is also a rotatable pattern plate, and between the two pattern plates they can also be superimposed on each other to form new patterns to cope with different places.


The 3 in 1 moving head is also more multi-element in color. The highly-configured 3 in 1 moving head will also be equipped with a CMY linear color mixing system, and the color mix is ever-changing. The beam light is usually only equipped with a 14-color color wheel. The 3 in 1 computer moving head light beam is a combination of three functions: beam, dyeing and pattern. This computer moving head light can not only produce the beam effect, but also different colors, and it can also produce large light spots and large patterns according to the lens group adjustment. Can be rotated to zoom in and out. The difference between the 3 in 1 computer moving head beam light and the ordinary beam light moving head light is that these two special effects are added. Generally speaking, the beam lamp is a pure beam lamp. The moving head lamp mainly looks at the beam of light. The final result is the light spot and pattern. Moving head beam light 3 in 1 is a high-brightness, large-spot stage moving head 3 in 1 beam light. It has the functions of pattern, light beam and dyeing 3 in 1. The pattern can be enlarged to a large extent. Comes with color wheel and pattern wheel. The high-quality focusing lens projects a small-angle beam, combined with a high-speed strobe effect, makes the beam feel strong and more powerful. It has two rotatable prisms, a circular octagonal prism, a linear quadrilateral prism, fixed and rotating prisms can be superimposed, and various special effects such as fogging. The three-phase motor's fast mechanical running ability, fast speed, accurate positioning, long-term operation will not lose steps, the smallest pattern spot and the largest pattern spot change greatly, the spot is clear, clean, and good quality.


3 in 1 moving head computer lights often produced by producer for 3 in 1 moving head include 470W, 440W, 350W, 200W, etc. The 350W beam pattern dyeing 3 in 1 moving head beam light can produce 25 pattern effects, including 14 fixed patterns, 9 replaceable Rotating pattern, the pattern can be adjusted up and down, and the pattern effect is clearly visible, which can create the effect of two patterns superimposed, with a sense of flame. The dyeing effect is also outstanding, and it can produce 14 kinds of color dyeing effects, with 8 channels and 24 channels extended. The zoom angle of 3.9-24 ° can be linearly adjusted, and the light output angle is in the range of 2.5 ° -33 °. At the same time, compared with similar products produced by other producer for 3 in 1 moving head, the beam pattern dyed 3 in 1 moving head beam lamp has overheat protection. When the moving head lamp is overheated, the power supply will be automatically cut off to avoid overheating and damaging the product. Whether it is used in stage performances, or the 3 in 1 moving head computer beam light in theatrical theater, hotel banquet hall, multi-function hall stage, and bar is the best choice.

The above is the difference between the 3 in 1 computer moving head beam light and the moving head light beam light. Compared with the traditional moving head light beam light, the 3 in 1 computer moving head beam light is cost-effective and has a wider range of applications.



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