Wholesale Led Par 6 in 1

Wholesale led par 6 in 1 light is a kind of lighting fixture. Par light is called from par can in foreign countries. It means “spot light”. Compared with traditional par light, LED par light has a richer color effect. There are as many as 16.7 million effects.


Wholesale led par 6 in 1 light: LED lamp beads, secondary optical lens, heat sink, circuit board, power driver, power cord, housing, mounting bracket.


Classification of wholesale led par 6 in 1 light: according to the purpose, one is commercial lighting, also called spotlight, which mainly plays the role of lighting, mainly high-power lamp beads, lamp beads are commonly used in a single color, small size, and are often wholesale And used in shopping malls, hotels, guesthouses, square fountains and other places, but also suitable for discos, dance halls, bars, night clubs and various large performance venues. The second is stage lighting, which mainly plays the role of lighting, changing colors, and creating a stage performance atmosphere. There are large and small lamp beads. The common colors of the lamp beads are red, green, blue, and white. Often used in stage performances, ceremonial weddings, exhibition conferences and other moments. 6 in 1 LED par light is divided according to appearance. It has a general all-aluminum shell, cast aluminum shell, and waterproof shell. LED par light is small in size, used for stage lighting, surface light and dyeing, with rich color mixing effect, clear light color is an essential lamp for stage lighting such as performances, weddings, bars, celebrations. Because of the light beam projection, it can emit a transparent and bright spotlight, bringing gorgeous lighting effects to the stage. Without it, the lighting effects on the stage will appear overshadowed. The traditional par light consumes a lot of power, has high heat, and has a serious baking phenomenon. It is gradually replaced by LEDs, and LEDs can also have the effect of dynamic color mixing. LED par light is used as stage surface light, also called spotlight and downright. It mainly plays the role of lighting. It is mainly high-power lamp beads. The commonly used color of the lamp beads is warm white and small in volume light. Compared with traditional par lights, LED par lights have the advantages of accurate color temperature, transparent and bright colors, energy saving and environmental protection, low power and low heat.


6 in 1 LED par light features: rich color mixing effect, 36 red, green and blue light beads have 16.7 million kinds of color mixing effects. The second is to save energy. Traditional par lights are generally 1000w power, and general high-power LED par lights are less than 300w. The third is the long service life. The reasons for the service life of traditional par light bulbs need to be replaced frequently, while the service life of LED par light reaches 60-100,000 hours. The fourth is high brightness and low heat. The traditional par light is very hot. LED par light is a cold light source and will not generate heat radiation to the environment. However, the LED par light has a higher wholesale price than the traditional par light in China, which is a major obstacle to delaying its popularity. In addition, the LED par light uses a dense array of single lamp beads as the light source, which makes the LED par light have high technical requirements for heat dissipation, which is also a major technical problem.

The core technology of LED par light is the driving power and heat dissipation technology. Since domestic LED par light wholesalers are basically the downstream chain of the LED industry, without core technology, it is difficult to reduce the price. It is believed that with the development of technology and the requirements of national energy policies, the application of LED par lights will gradually become popular.




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